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Leasing a Van - Van Rental Dublin

If you have a business that requires regular deliveries or pick up of products, items or materials from locations near and far, it works more efficiently if you have your own vehicle, a van, big or small at your disposal at all times. So how does having your own commercial vehicle help? Let us help you understand:

  • If you provide a delivery option to your customers, then it is always better that you have your own delivery options. This way you can manage delivery and prioritize clients according to need.
  • If you need regular material pickups from source, then having your own solution helps since you can manage pickup across varied locations, at all times.

As a business owner, you may think that the next logical step is to get the vehicle as soon as possible. But before you make any hasty decisions, let us make you aware of the other side of owning a commercial vehicle at all times. Owning and maintaining a commercial vehicle or vehicles like pick up vans may not be logical because:

  • The vans will be used in an on and off basis, so at times they will sit idle. Thus the cost will be a bit on the higher side.
  • You have to keep a commercial insurance ongoing in case of any accident occurring.
  • You have to keep tab on the maintenance costs of the van.

As a result, what you bought as an asset for your business may turn out to be more of a liability. Therefore buying may not be the best option, especially if you are a small or a middle size business.

So the next best option is renting a van. But in case of renting, the van will be rented for duration or distance and your need may not fit based on those two parameters only. In that case, renting vans may turn out to be costlier over a longer period.

Leasing Advantages

When your need and options are not met by owning vans outright or renting, CARHIRE & Van Rental Dublin comes up with a third and business friendly option of leasing a Van for a defined period. Van Rental Dublin has been leasing vans for both commercial and personal use for a long time. As a result we understand that like individuals, each business has unique needs for renting a van. Thus our experts have come up with options, so attractive and cost effective that it makes your leasing decisions easier, by –

  • Completely eliminating the need to vans of different sizes for your different business needs.
  • Removes the hassles of maintenance and insurance
  • Gives you flexible options based on your needs throughout the year.

Along with that we also offer customer friendly offers like –

  • Instant solutions that compliment your business expansion plans by extending your vehicle fleet.
  • Upgrade or downsize the type of vehicles you currently operate or you may have new staff or business ventures that incorporate a probationary period.
  • Offering several rental options such as short, medium or long term rental to best suit your business needs.

So whatever your business needs, our experts in our dedicated nationwide team offer full corporate service. Whatever your business needs, we can assure you that we can offer you a solution that is unique to your business.

Still have your concerns? Don’t worry. Our experts will guide you with their expertise. Call us at +353 1 8441944 or drop your queries and concerns on Contact Us page and let us get back to you at the earliest.